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  • EOS Budget gaming PC

    Hybrid EOS – Ryzen 5500GT, 16GB, Windows 11

  • Apollo Entry level PC

    Hybrid Apollo – Ryzen 3600, 16GB, Windows 11

  • White entry level gaming PC

    Hybrid Apollo White – Ryzen 3600, 16GB, Windows 11

  • Apollo Gaming PC

    Hybrid Apollo gaming bundle!

  • Diamond cheap RTX gaming PC

    Hybrid Diamond – Ryzen 5500, RTX 3050, 16GB, Windows 11

  • Diamond cheap RTX gaming PC

    Hybrid white Diamond – Ryzen 5500, RTX 3050, 16GB, Windows 11

  • Farming sim 2022 gaming PC capable of playing at high graphics

    HYBRID FORGE M2 – RYZEN 5500, 16GB, 1TB, RX 6600

  • Slammer mid range gaming PC with RTX 4060

    Hybrid Slammer – 5600X, 16GB, 8GB RTX 4060, 1TB

  • Hybrid Akira Gaming PC

    Hybrid Akira – 5600X, 16GB, 8GB RTX 4060TI

  • Akira gaming PC with white kit

    Hybrid Akira White kit – 5600X, 16GB, 8GB RTX 4060TI

  • Antec mid range gaming PC

    Hybrid Antec – Ryzen 5700X3D, 32GB, 7700XT

  • Hybrid Gaming - NZXT H5 white gaming PC

    NZXT H5 – White kit – 5800X, 32GB, 1TB, 7800XT

  • Antec white gaming PC

    Hybrid Antec white kit- Ryzen 5700X3D, 32GB, 7700XT

  • NX410 Gaming PC

    Hybrid NX410 – RYZEN 5700X3D, 32GB, RTX 4070 SUPER

  • NX410 example build

    Hybrid NX410 white kit- RYZEN 5700X3D, 32GB, RTX 4070 Super

  • White ITX gaming PC

    Corsair 2000D ITX tower – 5800X, 32GB, 2 TB, RTX4070

  • Hybrid Forge gaming PC


  • Hybrid Corsair Gaming PC




All of our systems are designed around 3 tiers of power: Entry, Mid range and powerhouse.

No matter which tier you choose your system will always feel fast and responsive thanks to a set of standards that uses very fast solid state storage and plenty of memory. Loading and opening files will always feel quick and responsive.

Entry level systems

In a nutshell these are designed for slightly older games running at the default graphics settings. Typically younger gamers or those that want to play games that came out more than 2 years ago will chose one of these systems. You should not choose one of these systems if VR gaming is important to you.

Mid level systems

As their name suggests these systems are the ones that you can just turn on and play anything you throw at it. Titles older than 2 years old can almost always be cranked up to maximum graphics settings so you can enjoy the best they can offer. VR is an option on all mid range systems but you will most likely play VR at medium graphics settings

Powerhouse systems

Want to play everything at high detail? this is the tier for you. These systems are capable of running almost every game released at the highest settings. They will comfortably play VR games at high detail as well as allow you to use high refresh and high resolution screens!

If you need any assistance choosing your system, please contact us !

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