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27″ 165HZ Z-Edge curved 1440P monitor with speakers


A 27 inch monitor is the perfect companion for any PC. It’s the most common size of screen on the market and balances size with space

A 165hz screen is capable of delivering an extremely smooth experience compared to a 60hz model. Fast motion will not suffer ghosting or tearing and the motion appears more natural. This works very well for first person shooters but all games will deliver a markedly better experience.

To make the most of a 165hz screen you should use a gaming PC capable of running 165 frames per second(FPS) in your games where possible. If the PC is not capable of 144 FPS then your games will still run but you will not make the most of the refresh rate. In very simple terms if your game runs at 80FPS then your monitor will deliver an 80HZ experience. Nothing will break and you will get some benefit but will not be making the most of your hardware. This is a vastly simplified explanation that we hope helps anyone confused by high refresh gaming

At Hybrid Gaming we are on hand to help at all times. Click on the Whatsapp button to chat!

  • 1440p or 2560X1440
  • 165hz for smoother game play
  • curved panel
  • Thin modern design
  • Built in speakers
  • HDMI lead


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Why choose Hybrid Gaming? :

We hope that our reviews speak for us. They are all from genuine customers of our business who have helped us grow. Our core values aim to deliver the best possible experience for you as a customer :

  • Systems are built, tested and ready to plug in and play
  • Gaming PC’s are in stock and ready to ship reducing delays
  • As a small but growing business every single interaction matters to us
  • Our ethos is to do everything reasonable to make your experience with us great
  • We talk in plain language and are here to help you get the right gaming PC at the right price. We are more likely to bring your budget down than up!
  • We guarantee smooth game play when you ask us to help you choose a system

Finance options :

We offer 0% APR payment plans over 3 months through Klarna and Paypal credit subject to a credit check. Select these options at checkout and get a gaming PC today and pay over 3 months

Gaming PCs with payment plans interest free


Free delivery to the UK mainland :

We offer free delivery to the UK mainland and aim to have your PC delivered ASAP! Unlike many of our competitors our gaming PCs are in stock, tested and ready to ship.

Where needed we may use packing inside the PC case to protect your graphics card for shipping. When we do this we will let you know and also send simple to follow instructions to remove this before use.


Store collection :

We are based Just north of Aberdeen in Scotland and welcome same day collection. You can typically arrange collection within 60 minutes of an order.


No bloatware:

Your Gaming PC comes with 5 key applications and all of it’s drivers and that’s it; We don’t get paid to bundle bloatware.

Steam, Epic, Xbox store and Chrome make up our bundle for you and Anydesk allows us to carry out remote support if you need it. As gamers that’s what we have on our gaming rigs so why push things you don’t need at you?

Remote support – There when you need us :

All of our systems come with remote support. With your permission we can log into your system and fix most things there and then. Our technical team has 20 years experience, and can resolve most issues for you at a time and date that is convenient for you.

For your peace of mind we are unable to access your system without your assistance and will only access areas needed to resolve any technical issues.


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