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AI trading system – Crypto, stocks or FX regression testing


Designed to let you develop strategies and back test quickly this system blends power and looks at a very reasonable price point. You can decide if you want it to light up or stay completely plain!

Specifications :

  • CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X (16 threads)
  • Storage: 2000GB NVME ultra fast
  • Memory: 32GB DDR 4
  • Case : Corsair 2000D ITX tower
  • Graphics: RTX 3050 8GB with 3 display out connections
  • Operating system: Windows 11 pro
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How do I choose the right AI trading system? :

Testing AI strategies often relies on training your bot with historic or live trades. The system needs to crunch a lot of data in order to learn how it should behave in future. The main considerations for this kind of system are high core count CPU’s and fast storage to make sure that the system is always fast and responsive.

We created this system with a configuration to allow an average back test of 2 years to completed in around 30-45 minutes. Timing will always be subject to variation but a typical “good” laptop may take 3 hours to complete the same test as a rule of thumb.

This system strikes a balance between power and cost so that any returns you do make are not consumed by hardware costs too much. We selected the Corsair 2000D to appeal to the home worker or casual trader who wants a system that can blend in and look great at home.

Secondary considerations :

  • RAM – We opted for 32GB to give you plenty of headroom to run multiple tests at the same time
  • Storage – We use ultra fast NVME by default. This means your files open and copy very fast!
  • Data backup – No data backup or raid array is included by default. We strongly suggest that you store proprietary information “offline” ideally on cold storage especially when trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Graphics card –  A low power graphics card is included in this specification that can drive 3 monitors at up to 4K resolution so you can run multiple windows at the same time.


Just ask : If you feel you need extra help then we would love to chat to you. All systems can be tweaked to meet your particular needs and we can do a deep dive on your specific applications prior to any sale if you wish



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