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How do I choose the right PC for my business? :

Business PCs just need to be a work horse for your business. You want to be able to complete tasks with ease and not have to wait ages for applications to load or complex spreadsheets to carry out calculations. At Hybrid we are used to building performance systems so you’ll always get a PC that feels fast and responsive with us.

A strong multi core CPU and very fast storage are key here. We use 6 core Ryzen processors allowing you to do loads of things at once. We don’t cut corners either and our storage is some of the fastest on the market.

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Our feedback :

our till systems are so fast now, there’s no more spinning circle and we can process customers so much faster” – Morrisons local franchisee

“This thing is fast, I used to be able to make a coffee while the last one booted up” – Local care provider

“This will probably pay for itself, I can get 3 times the amount of quotes converted to PDF in a day now” – Steel fabrication business

We want to help you get the most out of your IT!

Growing with you : This system represents the peak of consumer performance before you begin to look at non mainstream components. We will be happy to guide you or alter the specifications based on your specific needs.

Support contracts : We offer a fixed price support contract for all UK businesses which covers all IT service management. On top of a help desk you get access to our CTO advisory service which acts as your technical team member. Ask us how we have helped other companies grow by removing barriers and solving problems!

Just ask :

If you feel you need extra help then we would love to chat to you. All systems can be tweaked to meet your particular needs and we can do a deep dive on your specific applications prior to any sale if you wish

This system specification :

  • Ryzen 5600G
  • 16GB Ram
  • 500GB NVME Solid state drive
  • Windows 11 pro



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