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Busy enterprise editing system – 32 cores, 8TB NVME, 32TB RAID 10,128GB RAM


Designed with your busy business in mind. These systems chew through jobs faster delivering up to 60% better throughput than the small business platform. When your business has jobs queuing then consider that a system like this will let you complete more jobs in the same space of time. The ROI on these systems is typically very short!

These systems are liquid cooled keeping your process running smoothly even under sustained peak workloads despite containing very high core count CPU’s which generate lots of heat. 6 silent case fans help to remove excess heat build up quietly.

  • Please note that by default our editing systems do not contain RGB fans or lights to avoid screen reflections or light pollution. We can however add this in free of charge if you prefer RGB lighting !
  • Don’t forget to ask about our fixed price support contracts if you need someone in your corner!
  • Busy enterprise systems come with a same day fix target for any warranty repairs even if we have to lend you parts to keep your business running!
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How do I choose the right editing system? :

Photo and video editing systems rely heavily on CPU performance. The better the CPU the quicker your renders, edits and animations will complete and this is the primary thing you should look out for. If you have a choice you should spend the largest % of your overall budget here!

Secondary considerations :

  • RAM – at least 16GB but as a general rule of thumb aim for 32-64 for video editing
  • Graphics card – Aim for mid range and use one from Nvidia. This part is way less important than you might think even if you have a lot of SFX to add.
  • Storage – Aim for ultrafast NVME by default, 1000GB equals 5000 high quality pictures or 40 hours of 4K video


Growing with you : This system represents the peak of consumer performance before you begin to look at non mainstream components. We will be happy to guide you or alter the specifications based on your specific needs.

Support contracts : We offer a fixed price support contract for all UK businesses which covers all IT service management. On top of a helpdesk you get access to our CTO advisory service which acts as your technical team member. Ask us how we have helped other companies grow by removing barriers and solving problems!

Just ask :

If you feel you need extra help then we would love to chat to you. All systems can be tweaked to meet your particular needs and we can do a deep dive on your specific applications prior to any sale if you wish

This system specification :

  • Intel I9 14900K
  • 360MM Liquid cooler
  • 128GB Ram
  • Corsair 4000D case
  • Colour matched non RGB fans
  • 850W gold power supply
  • 8000GB NVME gen 4 storage
  • 32TB RAID 10 redundant archive storage
  • 8GB RTX 4060TI graphics
  • Windows 11 pro
  • 1 month post delivery hypercare



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