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Hypnos XXL mousepad


Hypnos is hands down the comfiest mouse pad we have ever used. If you spend long hours at your desk then you need a Hypnos in your life! Help to avoid pain and strain when using a PC for long periods of time.

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Hypnos is hands down the comfiest mouse pad we have ever used. If you spend long hours at your desk then you need a Hypnos in your life! Help to avoid pain and strain when using a PC for long periods of time.


  • 80X60CM
  • rigid surface
  • plush built in elbow rest
  • 2 additional optional wrist rests
  • Integrated cable tidy
  • Vegan friendly PU leather throughout.


How often do you sit at your desk wishing you could be more comfortable or that there weren’t cables all over the place? If only there were some sort of solution.

That’s where Hypnos comes in. 

Hypnos is an all-in-one desk installation that improves the comfort and tidiness of your table top.

Hypnos features super soft vegan leather rests for your elbows and forearms, a high-control mat surface to keep those clicks right where you want them, and an integrated cable tidy to keep those wires out of your workspace, leaving you with an uncluttered workspace that works for you.

Hypnos integrates seamlessly into your workspace. Simply place it on your desk, thread your wires through the cable tidy, position the rests to your satisfaction, and your new desk experience is ready to go, whatever you’re working on.

“Made working from home so much more comfortable as I was really starting to feel it in my upper back and neck but using this definitely helped me sit up straighter with having the rests on it. Would definitely recommend.” 

– Hypnos testing feedback


Created to make your life easier

Hypnos is fundamentally simple. Its components can be easily aligned to how you like to work and play.

Combining extreme comfort, a high precision surface and an integrated cable run, the Hypnos desk mat is the essential addition to your desk.

Rests to keep things comfortable

Our vegan leather, thick foam elbow and forearm/wrist rests are luxuriously soft and well padded to provide a comfortable buffer between your arms and the table top.

“I love the cushion at the front of the mat. It has definitely improved my posture while sitting at my desk for long periods of time.” 

– Hypnos testing feedback

Cable tidy to keep things neat

Mess. So much mess with wires trailing everywhere. No more. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We’ve designed a cable tidy to keep your wires under control, featuring a stiff shell that keeps its shape and handy openings to make it easier to thread the cables through.

“The product felt very good quality and looks smart and tidy. It made my desk space look more professional.”

– Hypnos testing feedback

Precision surface to keep things under control

Keep those clicks where they should be. Our grippy precision surface provides unparalleled control over your mouse, whether it’s for work or play. It also performs brilliantly for tabletop gaming, drone repairs, and crafts – or so our testers tell us!

“The mat itself is nice and sleek and seems to make the mouse react very well. It took away the lagging issues and general mouse jumps that I get when using my standard mouse mat.”

– Hypnos testing feedback


Design is in the details

Once Hypnos is on your desk, it’s just there and it just works – you don’t even have to think about it. We’ve designed Hypnos with its users in mind.




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Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Paul
August 25, 2023

If you looking gaiming PC’s, with no doubt try HYBRID GAMING. Quality built-in PC’s, warm, friendly and simple customer service.

Quick fix and onwards

Avatar for Tony
August 4, 2023

Had a blank screen on my own PC at start up & rang these guys. By the time I finished the crossword they had it going again. I’ll be ready for an upgrade soon, these guys will be getting my order.

Such a great help

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Jamie
July 11, 2023

Met them a few days ago they fixed a family’s members pc and more, so helpful and a great laugh. I know where to go if I need help and other pc problems.

great pc build for the price

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Valerie
July 11, 2023

I’m not techy minded, he was very friendly and patient as I don’t always manage to explain things properly. Great communication and after service A+

Amazing Service, Amazing PC's

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Joseph
July 9, 2023

Great experience with Hybrid gaming, Had help on every little aspect from order to delivery to setup and way more. The Legend himself Dave has been extremely helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anyone that wishes to buy a great gaming at any level of gaming.

Very much worth its prices. Would def come back for more purchases.

Dave is outstanding!

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Maddy
June 5, 2023

I inquired about a custom PC months ago (just forgot to leave a review!) Dave is amazing I cannot recommend him enough, I was hoping for a PC to be build with a custom water loop in the shape of a heart, I knew loads of places that wouldn’t be able to do it etc that’s when I reached out to Dave. Dave kept me updated throughout the whole process, he gave me 4 different price ranges to choose from as well. He sent me photos while in building process and when parts would turn up, it was brilliant. I seriously cannot recommend Dave enough! He’s absolutely fab, Then end result was better than what I wanted! 10/10 Dave is the guy to buy from! He goes above and beyond for his customers!

Great pc, great price, great service

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Matthew
March 14, 2023

I wanted a pc for a long time and dave made it quick and simple, and I was very surprised to see the prices on what I was looking for were lower than I thought they would be. If you’re thinking about getting a pc, get it from here!

Great service and really happy with.

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Gatty
March 10, 2023

Dave was quick to deal with any problems I had and I had my computer within a few hours of purchase. Will be returning for future business.

Great quick service

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Asta
February 5, 2023

I had a small budget and wanted to get my son a gaming pc. Dave put one together for me without making a profit. Exceptional service

Gaming PC

Review of Customer reviews
Avatar for Nicki
February 5, 2023

Highly recommend Dave if you need a gaming PC. He worked within our budget, was very responsive to our many questions and provided setup help once we had the machine at hone.

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