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Small business editing system – Configurable system


Designed around small video and/or photo editing companies typically with 1-3 employees where you need every £ you spend to make a return for you. These systems aim to allow you to complete jobs faster so that you can complete more jobs in the same amount of time. The return on investment on a system investment should be relatively quick if you have a backlog of work to get through.

These systems use high core count CPU’s typically giving around a 250% increase to completed jobs based on what we see people upgrading from. They come liquid cooled which keeps performance high throughout heavy workloads

Our editing systems come with fans that do not light up to avoid light distractions

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How do I choose the right editing system? :

Photo and video editing systems rely heavily on CPU performance. The better your CPU the faster your edits will finish. Editing apps almost always make use of lots of CPU cores, these let the apps do more than one thing at once speeding up the whole edit. Most performance CPU’s can do 2 things per CPU core and you will often see this as 6 cores, 12 threads.

Secondary considerations :

  • RAM – You should look for at least 32GB so that you can handle large videos and images without the system becoming slow
  • Storage – We use ultra fast NVME by default. This means your files open and copy very fast!
  • Secondary storage – NVME storage is fairly expensive. Hard drives while slow are great for storing archives on to move back to fast storage later
  • RAID array – You can set your archive to clone data to 2 disks at the same time. This gives you some measure of protection against a disk failure. If one disk fails you can keep working while you wait for a replacement for the failed disk.
  • Graphics card –  This is last on the list which may sound counter intuitive. The graphics card can help in some limited workloads but it’s really the CPU that does all the work. We suggest saving here to spend more on the CPU but include some mid range cards in our more expensive systems


Growing with you : Hybrid gaming will complete labour free upgrades where you trade in old components for new ones with us. Don’t overspend when you are just starting out and money is tight. Invest when you have a steady stream of income and upgrades will pay for themselves!

Just ask :

If you feel you need extra help then we would love to chat to you. All systems can be tweaked to meet your particular needs and we can do a deep dive on your specific applications prior to any sale if you wish



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