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About Us

Our Story

We are a small business based in the north of Scotland. During the COVID lockdown we noticed a large number of adverts for gaming PC’s that we knew simply wouldn’t be capable of playing many games. They had the wrong parts in them that were too slow or were poorly optimised for gaming.

We built a system ready for entry level gaming and advertised it. In our advert we clearly stated what games it would play and offered to guarantee that the system would play the games listed or we would refund. Our first system sold in less than 20 minutes and we have grown from there!

We now sell around 100 systems per year and continue to grow. We have a steady stream of referral work and enjoy solid relationships with our customers. We differentiate ourselves by making it easy to interact with us and tailoring our language to suit our customers.

So if you want to buy a gaming PC and need someone who will help you on every step of the journey give us a shout. We will be delighted to try and help you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people get into PC gaming at the best price point and with the least difficulty. Gamers are our people and even if you are not ready to be a customer yet we want to help you!

We currently serve Aberdeen and shire and have a growing base of happy people with a system that perfect for their needs.

Often our customers are parents or grandparents looking to get the perfect system for younger gamers. We always check in post sale to see how you are doing and the most frequent feedback is that the new PC gamer hasn’t been off their new system for days. That level of excitement makes everything worthwhile!

How we do it ?

Lots of little things make up our approach to being the PC vendor of choice for our customers. We think they come together and make us easy to deal with, friendly and approachable.

A gaming PC is an expensive purchase – We believe you should be 100% confident before handing over your hard earned money!


  • We make systems that look great. This includes our budget systems. Not everybody can or needs to spend thousands on a PC. That doesn’t mean they don’t want something that looks great.
  • We make systems that are fast and responsive. A pc shouldn’t take ages to load files and feel slow and sluggish. We use very fast solid state hard drives and plenty of memory in each of our builds. Every system from budget through to high end uses the same underlying technologies.
  • We talk to you in language you can understand! Most people don’t know what system specifications mean. It can be stressful trying to pick the right computer when you are expected to know which parts are good and what the speeds mean. We just ask what you want the system to do and then present options that will manage those tasks.
  • We use quality components. There are no unbranded parts anywhere in our builds in order to maximise the lifespan of your system.
  • Everything is put through a tough test before it gets to you. The process is called stress test or burn in and we use it to make sure you get a system without issues.
  • We offer a 1 year Return to base (RTB) warranty. Every company offers a warranty but we believe ours is one of he best out there. Our entire focus is on getting you back up and running with the least stress and time. If you don’t feel things are going well then we will listen and adjust our approach.
  • We blend new with known good used parts (This is how Hybrid Gaming was named) In any system 90% or more of the parts are brand new. We build with quality used processors and graphics cards and back them up with a system wide warranty for your peace of mind. This lets us deliver much more power for the same budget
  • We check in after a sale. A lot of companies say that their customers are important to them. We think the same thing too and reach out to you a few days after a sale to make sure you are happy. It’s rare for things to go wrong but if they do then we want to know about them and put them right as soon as possible. It’s one of our core behaviours and has been there since our very first sale
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