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Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions aim to meet your needs as a customer and our needs as a company. We want to speak in a language everyone can understand here

The right to change your mind:

A: We class sales where you collect the system or you ask us to make a local delivery to you as in person or in premises sales. This covers any AB post code.

If you change your mind we may be able to take the system back in. When we do this we will charge a restocking fee of 20% of the sale value of the system. This covers roughly half of our costs associated with taking what is now a used system back into stock.

B: All E-commerce sales through our website where we deliver goods to you using a courier are covered under the distance selling regulations

You have 14 days from the point of sale in which to change your mind. For the avoidance of doubt we will measure 14 days from midnight on the day in which your system was delivered. No restocking fee will be charged however you will be responsible for return postage.

Return postage must use a courier which must be fully insured to the value of the goods being returned. We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery as it tends to be the best value for large and expensive items.

C: Where goods are returned damaged we reserve the right to charge a fee to restore those goods to pristine condition. This may be up to 100% of the value of the goods and will represent our cost to restore those goods.  We will follow the rules laid out in regulation 34(9)  of the distance selling act and have included a copy below for you to review

Repairs or replacements:

A: In the unlikely event of an issue our first plan is to carry out an investigation and complete a repair. If the system is in warranty then no labour or part charges will apply unless section C applies. We will aim to do this on the same day that the system arrives with us wherever possible but if it will take longer then we will chat to you about options.

Where we have stock and can manage with reasonable effort then we may offer to lend you components which will allow you to use the system while we wait for replacement parts. This offer simply lets you continue gaming or working instead of just waiting. We cannot guarantee the same performance from loaned parts but will strive to make sure they are similar enough so that you could reasonably expect to carry out the same activities

B: Where we cannot resolve a fault within 3-4 repair attempts we may offer to replace the whole system with one of the same or better specifications. We want you to be able to game and there’s nothing more annoying than a recurring fault that happens just after you get a system back from a repair. For this to happen we have to have established that there is an underlying fault and we have not been able to find the root cause in a reasonable time frame.

C: Where a system contains parts not supplied by us we cannot offer the same warranty level as our own systems. We are happy to work with your equipment on the following basis.

Systems built containing one or more internal components (anything inside the PC case) provided by the customer as part of the build will carry a 30 day warranty on the parts that we have provided. These systems will be sold on a 2nd hand basis which usually means sold as seen. We will however stress test all systems prior to a sale including the components provided by our customer. Any faults identified will be flagged within 48 hours of us taking possession of them.

D: Where a system is out of warranty we will still help. The initial evaluation is free of charge. We will then advise on the cost of parts and any labour. If the repair takes 15 minutes or less no labour will be charged. We don’t believe in charging for a 10 second job. Where the repairs will take longer we will cap any labour at a maximum of 1 hour and advise of the cost at the time. We say we are good at what we do so we back it up with a capped labour charge! This applies regardless of if a Hybrid or a customer part has failed.

Managing Customer components:

Where a customer supplies components we cannot accept liability for the capability and performance of those parts. When you supply them to us you do so at your own risk and If we are unable to get them to work we will not replace them at our own cost. This protects us from being provided with faulty parts and being asked to replace them with good parts at our own cost.

The exception to this is if we cause damage through our own negligence. If we drop, break or spill something on those components then that is our fault and we will replace that component with a very similar one if not an identical one. If it does happen an impartial 3rd party should think that the replacement is fair

When a customer component is dropped off we will take photographs of the condition showing the front and back for our records In the event we find that a component is faulty we will immediately take clear photographs of the front and back of the component and then notify you of the fault attaching evidence of the condition. We will then work with you to arrange a new plan. We are unable to complete returns or warranty claims on components that are not ours on your behalf as the vendors will not speak to us however

Data Management:

We take no ownership of any of your data during operation or repair of your system. It’s important to make that statement so that you know you should back up your data before attempting any repair. If we do agree to take a copy of your data as part of the job we will only take data from the user profile directories in Windows. To put that into plain terms 99.9% of people store things in folders like my documents or my videos. This process will catch all of those

We will not at any point keep your data on our systems other than to transfer it to a new PC or drive if agreed with you in advance. This is your personal stuff and we want you to have privacy.


In some instances we may agree to upgrade and or trade in your system. Where we take in your components or system the following warranty terms apply

For you:

Components – carry a 30 day warranty and are sold as 2nd hand
Systems – Carry a 1 year warranty unless otherwise specified

For us:

We expect you to provide us a 24 hour warranty. It’s up to us to test and check your old components quickly and raise an issue with you promptly

Trade in Values:

We will generally offer around 60% of the used value of a component when considering a trade in. This allows us to cover the cost of our labour and the risk of component failure. We will always advise if we feel you could get better value selling a component yourself so that you can make an informed decision. We are easy and quick but not the most cost effective way of trading in old components. We do however value the trust you place in us and operate in an open book manner.

Service level targets:

All of our clauses are service level targets and not agreements. In plain speak that means just means if we take longer than we state to make a repair then we are not in breach of a contract. As a small business sometimes things come up that get in our way. Trust and reputation is a massive thing for us and even when we cant meet your expectations we will be honest about it.

We engage trusted local partners to help us manage this risk

Diversity and inclusion:

Throughout our journey we have brought gaming experiences to people from all walks of life. Every customers needs are individual and we recognise that we are not experts in every situation. If you feel that any part of our business excludes or causes a disadvantage to anyone then please let us know in the first place. We believe that everyone is constantly learning and by listening to feedback we can make our products appeal to more people.

Complaints and feedback:

Everybody loves compliments, complaints are sometimes a bit of a blow as it means you got something wrong. Our belief is that by listening to complaints and putting ourselves in your shoes we can improve the way we do business. We welcome all manner of feedback via

Website reviews:

Our reviews will always be from customers who have used and experienced our service. We will never ask for fake or generated reviews nor will we offer money or incentives for a positive review. How many of us believe companies with nothing but 5 star reviews anyway?

  • We will be active in asking current and historic customers to provide feedback to help others decide if we are right for them.
  • We will not remove negative reviews but will respond and accept fault where it is with us. This lets people see us learn from our mistakes
  • We will remove reviews where we deem them to contain offensive, threatening or harmful language.
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