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Warranty and support

All systems come with a 1 year return to base (RTB) warranty unless otherwise specified. This warranty is designed to keep you gaming and we think that it’s better than almost any other warranty out there. We will also intentionally use simple language throughout this page to try and make it as easy to understand how we are going to support you.

Here’s how we are going to be on your side in the unlikely event something goes wrong

Getting you fixed by default :

Our attitude will always be to see how we can get you back up and gaming again. While that should be common sense we have all dealt with companies who make it difficult to gain access to a repair. If you reach out to us with an issue you should very quickly see the phrase “I will make this right for you” its baked into our ethos.

Same day target:

Our aim wherever possible is to get you back up and running the same day. While that’s not always possible we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Where a part has failed we will look to replace it with our stock and then deal with the manufacturer on our own time. waiting for an RMA should never be your problem as a customer and a gamer.

With a RTB warranty we will advise if we think the repair is possible while you wait. That typically means if you are able to wait for 15 minutes before leaving we can carry out the fix and have you back on your way.

If we cannot repair same day then we will always aim to give you a realistic time frame even if it’s not what you want to hear. This should always be a last resort for us but having a single view of the truth allows you to plan around the repair.

Post sale support:

The first few days after you make a big purchase like this are really important. We want you to feel like you have made the right purchase and found a company you can trust. We reach out to you a few days after a sale to make sure everything is going well with your new purchase. We don’t believe in hiding behind phone queues or email SLA’s. Lets make sure you are happy from the outset and the PC you selected is right for you

Game Guarantee:

If we help you select a PC based on your requirements then we guarantee that the PC we supply will run your games smoothly. In technical terms that means 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution greater than 95% of the time. We said we would only speak in plain English so that last bit means the game will run on a standard monitor without constant lag, jerking, or slowdown. We stand by what we recommend!

It’s never happened but in the event we say something will run your game smoothly and it doesn’t then we will offer to upgrade you for the cost of the parts only. We wont charge labour or travel as to be frank we will be ashamed and look to make it right for you!

That applies if we have given advice and presented you with a PC that we said would run your games.

If you find you have bought a PC and you got the specification slightly wrong then the same deal applies if you bring it back to us. We will upgrade you at parts cost at our workshop. Yes you may have made a mistake, we all do that from time to time, lets focus on getting you the right specification rather than living with it!

If you can’t get to us:

We can collect and return to you. We will typically ask for a fee of £20 to cover costs. We wont charge for travel time and labour on site is covered too. As a small business this lets us balance our risk against the desire to delight you. It should feel sensible at all times and should be a conversation between us as company and customer. Similarly if you have mobility or disabilities that make obtaining a repair particularly difficult or stressful then we want to help and will work with you on a case by case basis

Younger customers:

A large number of our customers are under 18. You guys make up a large percentage of the gaming market after all. We encourage safe behaviours at all times and will act in a way that helps you follow best practice.

Where we are delivering a new PC and taking payment on delivery we ask that an adult is available. We just want to make sure that a parent or guardian is aware of the large purchase you are making

Where we are asked to come to your address and either set up or repair a PC again we ask that a parent or guardian is at the property during that time. Again this is just best practice and makes sure they know who is in your home and why.

These measures should always feel sensible and in the spirit of showing our younger customers safe ways of buying and working with others.

Technical support:

All systems come with technical support after the sale too. We are gamers just like you and are genuinely interested in helping you solve problems. You can reach out to us with game queries, how to and for advice all of which is offered free of charge.

If it’s required we can remotely connect to your PC assuming it has an internet connection. We cannot do this without your permission and your PC will always tell you that we are trying to connect. Sometimes it’s easier for us to log in and have a look around and we will negotiate that with you.

We will never intentionally look through files that are not relevant to the question being asked. We will not seek to see, copy, alter or do anything with any private data or files that you have. This should be common sense but it’s important to say.

There is a fair usage policy behind this that 99% of people will never hit. Sadly from time to time there are complex software issues that are out of our control. We will take all reasonable efforts to help you no matter what the issue is. Generally speaking if we have spent more than 2-3 hours in any month supporting non warranty issues for you then you will be approaching that limit.

Examples that are easy to understand of this might be when a game releases a new patch that has bugs in it. We will attempt to help you resolve the issues but may have to wait for the next patch before it’s properly fixed. Again this should feel sensible and the spirit of this clause is that we want to help but may have to admit defeat from time to time.

Warranty exemptions:

We hate having to put this in here but need to cover ourselves. We cannot honour a warranty where there are obvious signs of misuse of the PC. Almost every customer treats their new gaming PC like a new baby but things happen.

The two most likely categories for this are liquid damage and physical damage. If you bring a system back to us that either looks like it has been thrown down a set of stairs or has the tell tale water burns or soda syrup on the parts then we won’t be able to repair it at our cost.

However just because an accident has happened does not mean that we don’t want to help. We can estimate the cost of a repair and do that repair with a fixed labour charge. We will also work with your insurance provider to help make a claim where they need a certified evaluation.

Our primary aim will always be to get you gaming again. We won’t look to make a profit from any damage repairs and will offer a significantly reduced labour cost to complete the work where it’s our system that’s being worked on.

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